Sunday, January 8, 2012

Pinewood Derby

We have our Pinewood Derby race at the end of this month and we have started getting our cars ready. First step is picking out a design and cutting the car out of a block of wood. It is a huge help when our Assistant Cub Master brings in his band saw. at this point all the boys are required to do is trace their car out on the wood and Mr. E will cuts to order. Of course the Cisco Kid has very specific requirements for his car and he must go over them with Mr. E in detail. The second step is sanding the car very smooth. The third step will be to paint it. The fourth step will be adding the weights. (It cannot weigh any more then 5 oz.). Then we add the wheels and The Cisco Kid is done. The past two years The Cisco Kid's car made it to regionals. We'll see if he makes it this year.


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