Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break and Big Holes

Now That Spring Break is here we can take the time and finally keep our promise to the Cisco Kid and build his tree house for him. Yesterday we started to dig six’s holes to support the base of the tree house.  Since the tree house is going to be so tall, we needed to make sure it was going to have a good foundation.  There will be 6 - 4x4x16 foot poles placed in these holes filled with cement three feet deep.   

For as long as I could remember there is something with The Cisco Kid and digging holes.  For Some reason he loves a good hole.  I just don’t get it!!  I know, it is a boy thing.  This was really very funny when the Chief finished digging this hole, The Cisco Kid could not wait to jump in.  Acording to The Cisco Kid "This was the best hole ever. "
After jumping in the hole, he decided it was just not deep enough.  Go Figure!! 
This is one boy that is not afraid to get dirty.

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