Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cub Scout end of the year party

This summer we have three events. We planned three events so the boys can receive the Summer Activity Pin. Today was the first event. One down two to go! We will go to the Suns Baseball Game for our second event. The third event will be a pizza pool party. Today we went to Spring Park in Green Cove Springs. We had a great lunch and after lunch the boys went swimming in a spring fed pool. The pool rules are.... before they could swim, all the boys had to take a swimming test to see if they could go into the deep end. They have to get to the end of this 50 ft. pool with no problems. The deep end is 6 ft. If they cannot make it they have to stay at the shallow end. The Cisco Kid could swim like a fish. He got to the other side with no problems. 
 Since most of my den boys were here, I wanted them to start working on their Aquatics pin.  The Chief is showing them how to do some swimming strokes.   
This is the Cisco Kid swimming the back stroke. 
Now they had to know how to rescue a drowning person.  We used a lifeguard flotation device.  They had to swim out to the person in distress with the flotation device under their arms.  Then they had to make sure the distressed person was facing them so they could put it under their arms so they could swim the distressed person back in.  

It was a fun day at the park.


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  1. What is the summer activity pin??? I haven;t heard of that one...I'll look it up!



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