Friday, November 2, 2012

Patriots Point Charleston South Carolina

We took the weekend and went to patriots point South Carolina. We talked about going with the Cub Scout as a vacation campout and all the parents and boys were so excited to go. The Chief wanted to go up there and do some recon before we had the whole Cub Scout group go up there, just to make sure everything would go smoothly. We were able to walk and explore every little nook and cranny of the carrier,  USS Yorktown, and the destroyer USS Laffey along with the USS Clamagore submarine.

The Cisco Kid cannot wait to Camp out on the carrier with his Cub Scout buddies. This was a boys dream. Not a Mothers Dream. I will not be camping out on this ship. The dad's and boy's can have this campout on this ship all to themselves. The ship still carries this remarkably pungent smell of thousands of sweaty military men and all their bodily odors, along with oil. All the mothers and me included are going to the nearest resort to stay. We will very content with Mani and Pedi’s all around.

The Bridge 

A look out to the flight deck.   
The Chief looks at home, sitting in that chair, gazing into the ocean.   
He was able to sit in  the cockpit of a plane that was on board.  

The Engine Room.  All these gears, wheels and gages were one of his favorites.
His little nine year old imagination was going crazy.

The Cisco Kid was obsessed with all the hatches. Most of them were lock and he could not get in. This one was open and you would have thought he struck gold.  
Hard to believe that a grown man could fit down that hole. 


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