Monday, June 8, 2009

Teaching is fun

I demonstrated scuba diving equipment today in Mrs Bergman and Mrs Welu’s Class. I discussed how to dive using the jacket, octopus, computer on the octopus, flippers, mask and weights. I let the children feel the air coming out of the mouthpieces. I told them part of the equipment with all the hoses is called an octopus. They just loved that. I demonstrated how and why the jacket should be inflated. And again, they loved it.
I’m demonstrating the pressure of water using a ball. Also explaining how pressure condenses air.

I showed the children how air is light and it will float by letting them watch bubbles come to the surface of a bottle filled with detergent and water. Then talked about the body floating because we have air in our lungs. Then we needed to add weights to our body to get us to sink.

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