Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It’s the first “What would your children say?” Wednesday, posts.

The imagination and spontaneity of children are amazing. It would be so cute to share posts based on what your children say and do in these adorable, innocent years. Telling a story of their funny, precious moments or showing pictures with captions to complete the story. I can’t wait to hear about your stories.

Over the past month the Cisco kid has been very interested in all the states. We have been putting together puzzles. We found our last quarter for the 50 State Commemorative Quarter collection. The Cisco Kid has been full of questions. There is a point to this story, I promise. We were driving and the conversation of the states came up again. This time The Cisco Kid was telling us that each state has a number. He then said, Texas is number 28, Florida is number 27 and God is number 1. How cute to put God in first priority of when the states come into the union. I just thought that was an amazing concept for a six year old.

Having fun putting together the United States Puzzle.

He really got into looking for all the quarters about a year ago.



  1. I don't have anything to add today but will try remember someting for next week!!

    great Idea.

  2. Super fun idea, especially because kids are always saying the most adorable things. I love what TCK said about God being number 1...so cute, and I love his US puzzle. We haven't collected the coins, but I bet I know who would like to do so. Great idea...we may have to try it out!

  3. Forgot to ask...where did you happen to find your US coin board/book?

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! My son is collecting the quarters too but we lack a few. Love the scrap booking link too. Maybe one day I'll actually get started on one!

  5. I am so sad! I didn't know this was starting this week. I never heard back from you after my last email:( Are you doing it next week too? Maybe I can tag along then. It is neat that your son loves the states so much!

  6. Loved participating this week! I love the idea! Can't wait to find a cute new story to tell next week!

  7. i missed this last time, but I look forward to it tomorrow!! hopefully i can think of something good!



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