Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm doing the bills!!!!

It's all about the children and what they come up with in their young and innocent years. Another week of "What would your children say?" Wednesday!

This happened about three years ago. The Cisco Kid would have been three years old.

We were visiting with Grandma and Grandpa when out of the clear blue The Cisco Kid went to Grandma's computer and started typing. Grandpa said, look at him on the computer. When I turned around to look at him, he was typing away. I then asked the Cisco Kid what he was doing and he immediately said…. I'm paying the bills. We thought that was the cutest thing to come out of a three year olds mouth.

He got that from my husband the Chief. Any time my husband is working on the computer and the Cisco Kid asks what he is doing. The Chief’s response is always “I’m paying the bills”

Children really do learn and copy their parents.



  1. Cute story. It is fun to remember back to those moments that stick out. I also put a past memory of somthing that Mason said in honor of our friends child passing. I already linked up but the post won't show up for a bit.

    Thanks for the award too. I am fighting a cold so I am hoping to pass it on this weekend!


  2. Oh kids do listen to everything don't they. Very cute story.

  3. So glad that I can finally jump in again :-) Hope you are doing well!

  4. so funny! It is so funny when kids immitate their parents (sometimes embarrassing (for me anyway))

  5. I need the Cisco Kid to come to MY house to pay some of the bills!!!!!

  6. TCK always comes up with the cutest things to say! Very sweet story...I agree with Emme! :)



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