Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Day two of the Thanksgiving Traditions.

Over the next few weeks I will not be posting on "What would your children say?" Wednesday. I have so much to post about for the Holidays. I will be doing lots of cooking and making my annual Christmas ornaments. Save all those great moments and we will start back up in January.

I’m continuing with the Thanksgiving tradition post. Only two more days left to cook. You will see my Thanksgiving dinner step by step, from beginning to end.

Today I am posting about how I prepare for Thanksgiving without standing in front of the stove all day. The trick is to prepare the food in steps. For example, Thanksgiving Day I can get my vegetable stuffing done in the time it takes to boil water. A couple of days before Thanksgiving I sauté onions, mushrooms and celery, with all the seasonings. Now I can put it in a container with two tablespoons of butter and save it for Thanksgiving Day. When it is time to make the stuffing all I will have to do is take 2 cups of Turkey broth from the turkey, add it to the pre sautéed vegetables and Pepperidge farm stuffing mix. That easy!!!

To see full detail and step by step instructions go to Family Heritage Cookbook

Here are some of the foods I prepared in advance yesterday.

Follow the links to all the Recipies.

Chocolate dipped Pumpkin Cookies, Roasted Red pepper cheese cake and my Antapasta salad.

Williams Sonoma cute fall cookie presses
The Chocolate dipped Pumpkin Cookies are a very simple sugar cookie, spiced up with pumpkin and spices. They are good plain or with a great chocolate center.

Roasted red pepper cheese cake.

Antapasta salad

Looking forward to tomorrow.



  1. So prepared and organized....you've got the whole system down! Looks marvelous! :)

  2. Even with all your fabulous steps to making your holiday preparations easier, I could NEVER do what you do to create your huge Thanksgiving meal. I think I've figured out your REAL secret ingredient though -- you're really Wonder Woman, aren't you?! Hahaha - Enjoy the day with your family gathering and the beautiful feast you're putting together! I for one am very thankful for all the informative, fun and creative posts you've put out here for us. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. WOW! It takes real talent to put off a Thanksgiving meal and pictures and step by step instuctions included! I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!



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