Monday, November 30, 2009

My end of the month Tidbit stories.

Here are my end of the month post. A collection of activities I didn't have time to post about.

For Thanksgiving, all the first graders were sent home with tom the turkey and as a family we all had to decorate him.

My sweeties Turkey

SSSSSSnake's I don’t like these cold blooded creatures. Living in Florida and close to the water, we have plenty of them. Some are poisonous some are not. There are so many different kinds that it is hard to learn about them all. The Chief takes his stand by saying, if the snake is in our yard or in our screened in area it is a dead snake. As much as I hate snakes I don't like to kill the non poisonous ones. I remember the first time The Chief killed one, I asked if it was poisonous and his response was. I didn't take the time out to interview it!!!!

I was on my porch when I noticed this snake taking a drink of water. I got this large mallet and placed it on top of the snake so it could stay in one place. The last thing I wanted was this thing to slither around in my screened in area. I would never walk out there again in peace.

Once it was secured in place I memorized its markings and looked it up on the computer. It is a common Garden Snake. Non poisonous. Yah!!! I don’t have to kill it!! Since the Cisco Kid has seen the slaughtering of several snakes I decided there would be a good lesson for him to finally see us set one free. That evening, the three of us went outside to see the snake. We stood there for a few minutes watching the snake and trying to decide witch one of us is going to lift the mallet of the snake. As we were standing there watching, we noticed it never opened its mouth. It was totally harmless and helpless at that point. The Cisco Kid was very excited about setting the snake free. Just the reaction I wanted. I decided it was time to remove the mallet. Once I did it slithered into my pool. I thought, OH NO!!! I wanted it out of my screened in area. The Chief took the pool broom with the 12 foot handle and scooped the snake up and flung it on the porch. I then grabbed the broom and pushed it out the door. It was now free as we watched it slither away in the tall green grass.


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  1. Nice turkey CK!! Our class had to DISGUISE a turkey so it wouldn't get eaten...that was fun too. Grant made his into a football player. I don't want a snake in my yard either, but I do relate to not wanting to kill one. I am not brave enough to be close to one that is loose, although I have held huge ones at theme parks. I would have been worried I didn't correctly assess the snake and it would be poisonous!!! Good story!



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