Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A cool party place for a seven year old.

I have started working on The Cisco Kids 7th Birthday party. The hardest part about his birthday party is.... where to have it. I found this place called Jungle Quest. We went there yesterday to see if the birthday boy would like to have his party there. It was a huge hit. It has zip lines, a rope bridge and a rock climbing wall. This place is a very cool and safely brings out the adventurer in a child.

Once he took the first leap he could not get enough.  Now that I have my Scrapbooking room I am going to get started on the invatations. 


  1. Not a surprise, right? TCK enjoying thrilling risks through the air, climbing the highest heights, managing to have fun with ropes....doesn't sound one bit like him does it??? Ha! Ha! Right on target! So glad he liked it! Great pics. Yours turned out better than Tony's, but I think he took his pics using the cell phone.



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