Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Making the Pinewood Derby Race vehicle

We have a big race coming up on Saturday. It will be our first Pinewood Derby with the Boy Scouts. We purchase the Boy Scouts recommended car kit and it turned out to be a block of wood that has to be carved into a race car. Yes!!!! A block of wood! We were in Hobby Lobby over the weekend and they happen to stock all kinds of pre-carved Pinewood Derby cars and trucks. The Chief and the Cisco Kid decided to get one of the Trucks.   

The Chief and the Cisco Kid decided this truck is not going to be any ordinary truck; it's going to be a Fire Truck race vehicle. 

This is what they have so far.

They added two square pieces of wood to heighten the cab so they could attach fire hoses. 

That block of wood!!!! I thought I would try carving a hammer head shark race car out of it and have a little family rivalry between cars.  Not going so well!!!  I think this just might have to wait until next year's race.

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  1. What a great Dad to spend the time making this project with TCK. I think I agree that the shark looks invovled..not looking forward to it if we have to do one! Tell TCK his firetruck race car is lookin' good so far! Keep up the good work and have fun!



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