Monday, February 8, 2010

To be seven again!!!!!

On Saturday, we celebrated my baby’s 7th birthday. I say he is my baby, he insists he is all grown up. Either way, when I look at this 65 lb. little boy I cannot believe it has been seven years since he was in his bassinette and the only thing he wanted was to eat and sleep.  Now he is swinging from vines.

He wanted to celebrate his Birthday with his friends at Jungle Quest. He had eleven friends and only one was there prior to his party. This was an all-new experience for them all. They certainly had a blast.
Prior to entering the zip line area there is a brief safety film.
Getting all strapped in their harnesses.
The Mom Squad waiving!!!
That is as far as the Cisco Kid went on the Rock Wall. It’s not his thing.
Every year I make The Cisco Kid a very special Birthday Cake.  This year it was all about the Jungle theme and Zip line.
I had Publix make the cake and decorate it with the grass and water. I then molded all the Alligators, snakes, bananas and rocks out of chocolate. I had no idea how to mold chocolate like play dough so I decided to do an experiment.  I added equal parts of flour to melted chocolate bark.  It became the consistency I was looking for. I then added food coloring and made all the decorations. For the palm trees, I used pretzel sticks. I then piped leaves on top to create a Palm tree. I printed out a picture of The Cisco Kid zip lining and glued it on a piece of cardboard. He loved the idea hanging in the air above the Alligators mouth. 
There was Pizza and Stromboli.
 The Cisco Kid gets a special Birthday Treat on his slice of cake. The Chocolate Alligator!!
Thank you Mom Squad for all your help at the party.


  1. It was a GREAT party and the TCK had a great idea choosing Jungle Quest as his party place. Grant loved it and had so much fun! Marianne, you made an awesome Jungle Quest cake! You always come up with such creative ideas. Happy Birthday CK! Can't believe you're SEVEN!!! :)

  2. Looks like they had a lot of fun! Love the cake!

  3. WOW! What a great party. It looks like everyone had fun zipping around the jungle settings. Your cake was awesome...clever Mom. I also liked all the decorations in the party room. Everything coordinated so nicely. I'm glad you posted so many pictures (you know me!) as I really got the feel of the place and the celebration. I loved that! Happy Birthday to TCK. Isn't being seven fantastic?

  4. What a handsome 7 year old!!! Happy Birthday!!! The cake is just amazing as well as the whole Jungle Quest place. I've never seen such a party place, and everyone looked like they were having so much fun. I also loved all of the green - my favorite color. Glad I got to see all of it. Thanks.

  5. Hey Marianne!
    Can you believe seven came so fast! Bailey's birthday is the 24 of this month, and I can't believe he is going to be 7 either!
    This party looks ;like so much fun! Bailey would have loved it, he is always jumping off something or climbing over it! Boy makes me crazy I tell ya!
    The cake was great! looks so professional!
    Say Happy Birthday to my little cousin!



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