Friday, February 5, 2010

Bubbling over

Two weeks ago at our pack meeting the Webelows demonstrated how a volcano worked. After their demonstration, they presented the Volcano to the Cub Scout Den. I thought that was so nice for them to give something they worked so hard on away.
This week the Tiger Cubs had so much fun being part of the experiment. I had each one of them start by putting a pinch of Baking soda into the mouth of the Volcano. Since they have seen it work before and they remembered how much baking soda the Webelows put in to get their results, the boys started chanting. Add more powder.... Add more powder. Therefore, we added more powder. Then we mixed some red food coloring in with Vinegar. We then poured it into the Volcano. Not only did the volcano erupt but the boys erupted with excitement as well.
Mixing the Vinegar and food coloring together.
All the boys receive their well deserved beads for all their achievements. 
The end of the evening we celebrated The Cisco Kids Birthday with homemade cup cakes.
I guess it was good to the last drop.

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