Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The change from one season to the next is amazing

The older these boys get the more aggressive they play. The only way I could explain it is, last season they were all very respectful of the other person wanting to kick the ball. They basically let everyone have a turn kicking it. This season (six months later) they will snatch that ball away in a second. So far this season the Cisco Kid has been hit in the face twice with the ball. Due to someone kicking the ball away from their opponent. Unfortunately, The Cisco Kid happened to be in the way both times. All this time I thought Soccer was a relatively safe game to play in their age group. Now these boys are walking away with scraped up knees, banged up legs and in my sons case a soccer ball mark on his face.

When he started playing back in September, you could see how much distance there is between the ball and the boys. In this picture you could see how the three opposing team members are hanging back to let The Cisco Kid kick the ball. 
Still keeping their distance.
Still other team members are hanging back.
Now!!!!  Here are some plays from this season and you could see how aggressive they are.  The Cisco Kid got the ball out of there just in time. This turned into a pile up, with The Cisco Kid in the middle. 
As you could see, there is a boy down and the game goes on.
Way too much hands on.
I ask The Cisco Kid every week if he still wants to play Soccer and he says, YES!!!  Mom is going GRAY!

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  1. Thanks for this post! I was just thinking soccer might be a good sport to start with - on second thought, MAYBE not. Your little guy sure looks cute playing though.



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