Friday, April 30, 2010

Let the Auction Begin!!!!

 Last night we had our monthly Pack meeting. This was lots of fun. All the boys had to make a sports themed cake and bring it to the Pack meeting. To make this fun and raise some money for future events we had an Auctioneer person come so she could auction our cakes off to the highest bidder. All the money we made goes towards the whole pack spending half a day at a horse ranch riding horses and our next pack campout.

The Cisco Kid wanted to make a fish to represent fishing.
This is what he looks forward to when he helps me bake a cake. 
 There is a straw with a gummy worm to make it look like a fishing hook. 

These are some great cakes from our Den.
I am going to start out by saying that The Cisco Kid wanted to win the auction for his cake. I told him that the bid would probably start at ten dollars and he could bid as high as $16.00. The Auctioneer asked the boys what they think their cake is worth and the Cisco Kid said $16.00. So that is where the auction started. She then said.... any one for $17.00 and someone raised their number. Then she said $18.00 and the Cisco Kid just looked at me like, I want to bid mom!! Can I go higher! I gave him the waive to go ahead. The bids went back and forth from The Cisco Kid to another gentleman. The cake went from $16.00 to $18.00, then TCK bid 19.00, then 20.00 to a gentleman. TCK 22.50, I gave TCK the signal for that was enough bidding. The gentleman grabbed the cake for $25.00.
This picture shows The Cisco Kid Shocked that someone else was bidding against him. 
The gentleman that won. He was the Auctioneers husband 
     These two laughing were so funny. Sebastian was up to auction off his cake and he told his father that he wanted to win it. The bid started out at 20.00. When Francisco bid the 20.00, Nancy would counter bid. Francisco was not going to let his son down. Nancy and Francisco went back and forth until he won the cake for his son and paid 45.00.
That was a fun evening.  We raised 611.00 auctioning off the cakes. 


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  1. TCK did a GREAT job on his cake!! What a great theme and very colorful! His fish is adorable and so are the other cakes. I love the idea of an auction. It looks like a really fun night!



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