Friday, April 9, 2010

Cub Scout Geology award

We are still working on our geology project. We completed what was required for the belt loop now we are almost done completing the requirements for the pin. In order to get any pins we have to complete the belt loop requirement first. Now we have to complete five of the pin requirements. Next week we will complete the last requirement.

This is what we have done so far. We have learned all about Volcanoes, what kinds of rocks were formed from the lava and ash. The boys watched a 30 minute movie about the eruption of volcano, The different types of Volcanoes and what effect the volcanoes have on the landscape. The movie also described what types of gems are created from the different composition of chemicals in the volcanoes. Some volcanoes produce rubies, emeralds and even gold. We simulated the eruption of a volcano in one of our earlier den meeting. This week we made a plaster cast of a fossil. I used clay for the imprint of the fossil foot, a plastic skeleton foot and plaster casting. The boys rolled up the clay in a ball then imprinted the fossil foot into the clay. When they removed the foot, it left an imprint. We mixed the plaster casting material with some water to the consistency of thick pudding. They filled their imprint with the plaster and we let it dry for fifteen minutes. They peeled away the clay and it revealed the cast of a fossil foot.
The Cisco Kids completed cast.

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  1. Our den has not done anything with Geology, so I am learning all about the requirements from your posts. Cute project idea! Looks like the Cubs had fun! :)



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