Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Antiques, Cottage Style

It has been a year and a half since I had my antique booth. I used my booth as a creative and decorating outlet. I enjoyed painting and refinishing furniture then setting it up in my booth. I decided last week I would open one up again in Sugar Bears Antique Mall near Julington Creek. I went out this past weekend and found some real treasures. One of them is this 1947 drop leaf table. You can also see the steps it took to complete the job. I will be at Sugar Bears on Monday setting up my booth. Once it is done I will post some pictures.

Here is my Vintage 1947 drop leaf table I refinished.

As I sanded the table it revealed four separate layers of colors. 
After I sanded it nice and smooth I painted it black.
I thought it could use one of my special touches so I painted some flowers on it. 



  1. That looks beautiful! Lots of luck on your new booth.

  2. Looks like you did find a treasure last weekend. I'm going to have to stop by and see your booth. You always have nice things there.

  3. That table is pretty cool, and you did a great job refinishing it! I love the pretty flowers you painted on it! Did you notice it looks great with your floral black chair sitting next to it in the picture? Maybe you shouldn't sell it!! :) I'll be visiting you booth soon... Gotta find a free day! :)



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