Monday, May 17, 2010

Two families, all friends and lots of activities.

Two families, all friends and lots of activities is a perfect recipe for a good time. Now that The Cisco Kids activities are all completed it was great to see and spend some time with our friends. It took me all about one minute to agree with Kimberly when she suggested we should go out. We started our adventure at 3:00 p.m. We started off with a Shark Documentary movie at I MAX. The movie theater just happens to be walking distance to a mini golf course. The posse (aka husbands) and the little rascals (aka children) played 18 holes of golf as the Mom Squad (aka Mom's) cheered them on and talked to our hearts content. After playing golf we were all very hungry. We heard of this great restaurant called Aunt Kate's. The food was great and it was located on the intercostal. The best part was the beach was located right across the street. After dinner we took a stroll on the beach. The little rascals had a blast. For us this was the first time we have been to the beach in about ten months. Even though we live in Florida and only about 30 minutes from the beach, we rarely get to go. It seems as though life gets in the way. We all started out saying to the little rascals. Don't get wet above your knees. Well our friends did real good. Not my little one he was all into the water, sand and digging a big hole. It seems that boy will dig a hole every chance he gets.

All the pictures you are about to see are courtesy of Kimberly. I was rushing out the door and forgot my camera. Kimberly I love all the pictures. You captured every fun moment of our adventure. Thank you so very much.

He always has to strike a very funny pose.
Parking was across the street from the beach so they had a walking overpass for public access. 
I found a Sharks tooth!!
I showed the little rascles how to look for Sharks teeth. 

He thought it was the funniest thing when a wave washed into his hole.  He would dig even faster. 
Bottoms up!!!
It's time to gather our things and head out.
What a perfect day.  It was so nice of Kimberly to suggest getting together. If it wasn't for her we still would have not been to the beach.


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  1. This was so much fun! Glad we could get together and glad you liked the pictures! I had so much fun taking them! TCK is a great subject to take pictures of! Thanks for suggesting the kids had a blast!!! :)



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