Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Class water party

Today is the last day of school.  I am so happy it is over so we can start enjoying our summer.  Last summer I overbooked and I didn't feel like we had a summer vacation at all.  This year I am pacing our selves.  I only booked three weeks of camp so hopefully we can get to Orlando and enjoy their water parks.

Yesterday the Cisco Kids class had their end of the year party.  It was all about eating pizza, playing some water games and enjoying Ice cream with lots of topping choices.

The Cisco Kid loved running through the sprinkler.
After I got him in the chest with a water balloon he decided it was payback time. He really thinks he could hit me with that water balloon.   
He did get his shot but it bounced off of me and bounced on the ground once when it then popped.
Back to the sprinkler!
Lots of great toppings and waffle bowls for the ice cream.


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  1. TCK looks like he had a blast! What a fun time and he kept cool too! How did he think he could get away with slamming a water balloon on you?? It would have been over for him if it worked!! Love the ice-cream party! Our class won a Bruster's party today, so they were very excited.



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