Thursday, June 10, 2010

Something smells a little Fishy

We just did this recently and I didn't get a chance to post about it. We live in a rural area and we love the country. We love the outdoors and outdoor sports but there is one sport I can't get the hang of and that is fishing. We tried our hands at fishing a couple of weeks ago and I want to start out saying, fishing is like watching ice melt... for hours!!!! Our highlight of the day was when the gentleman next to us caught a little fish and let the Cisco Kid hold it. The Cisco Kid is very interested in fishing but he was also bored. If anyone knows of a more exciting way to fishing, please let me know.
We were putting left over pizza crust on the hook.
Nice scenery of the bridge.
Throwing the fish back.
Were done fishing for the day. 
On our way home there is a Military museum we stopped by to see the vehicles.  This boat/truck was used to carry tanks and infantry from a ship to land.  It could drive up from the sea on to land. 
This was impressively large.
This is how they drove the tanks on and off.
The Chief knew every little detail about the gun. To me it just looked like a rusted old gun.


  1. My husband is a huge fisherman, but I never go along. I tried it once, no interest. I have no idea what he does but we always have fresh fish in the freezer. He loves ice fishing the most!

  2. This actually looks like a lot of fun, but I guess after awhile, if you don't catch a fish, it could get boring. The little fish is cute, so is TCK! I can't believe how big that boat/truck is!!! Pretty cool visit!

  3. Hi Marianne,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words. Fishing can be fun when you catch some fish but other wise BORING.... I had a blast once when I fish at Cape Canaval, Fl. After that one time, I was done fishing. My husband and my second son can fish any time no matter what.
    How far is North Florida from Merritt Island? My older son, 10, love anything that related to military. He would love to visit that museum.



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