Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cub Scout Camp

Sorry I haven’t made a post in a couple of days but I have been at Cub Scout Camp all day and by the time I get home I am exhausted. The temperature has been in the high ninety.  HOT! HOT! HOT! There is a saying, you can fry an egg on the road it is so hot. Well it is true. It has been that hot.

The Cisco Kid is having a great time with Archery, BB gun shooting and going on the water slide. Thank goodness for the water slide. It keeps them cooled down.

My group of boys.  Seven of the ten boys are the Cisco Kids friends from school and Cub scouts.

The slide was a life saver for the boys.
Their favorite part was the BB gun shooting range. 
The Cisco Kid hit #7 on the target.  Not bad for only shooting for the second time. 


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  1. The Boy Scout camp looks like a lot of fun! We have several kids from our den going as well. We may have to try it next year! Thank goodness for that water slide! Did you go down it??? :) We don't need any fried eggs!!! Ha! Ha! Have fun!



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