Thursday, July 1, 2010

Water Park, waves and slides

This morning we got up with the chickens to spend the day at Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando.  The park is only two hours away from where we live so it is very easy to just make a day of it.  

The Cisco Kid is very content watching the Shrek movie with his head phones on.  I have to say, I am also in the back seat watching the movie. 
We leave all the driving to the Chief. 
When we got to the park the first water activities the Cisco Kid and the Chiefs wanted to do is the wave pool. That is their favorite water activity.
Every minute or so you hear this loud pound sound producing this six foot wave that hurled towards you very fast. The Cisco Kid loves to ride the wave in and wants to get glosser to the front where the wave originates because that is where it is the largest. That won't happen on my watch. I make him stay back where the waves are about three feet high. The first three or four time the wave hit the Chief picked the Cisco Kid up so the wave wouldn't drag him across the bottom of the pool. Then the Cisco Kid got very use to the power of the water and tackled the waves by himself.
My favorite part is the Lazy River. This is where you sit in a tube and let the water guide you through a very relaxing tropical oasis. The Cisco Kid didn't want a tube he just laid back on his head and floated down the river.
This is a fun little water area to cool down.
        This turned out to be a perfect on day trip. 



  1. Looks like a fun place to cool off from this scorching summer heat!

  2. We went there on our honeymoon. Can you still snorkel there? That is what I remember the most. Have a grea holiday weekend!

  3. Wow!!! Great shots of the guys getting hit by the wave. I like the pic. of TCK floating down lazy river without a tube or raft. Fun day!!!

  4. Oh! A great family trip :o) Wonderful photos! (My hubby does all the car trip driving too :o) My kids say that i have "car-induced narcalepsy"!

    Cisco Kid is growing so fast!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Have a safe and wonderful July 4th!



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