Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!!!!

We spent the day with family enjoying Fathers Day.  The men must have their toys.  We gave Grandpa an MP3 player and  the Cisco Kid and I gave the Chief a Lego City Police Station.
Not sure who is happier the Chief or The Cisco Kid. 
The Cisco Kid picked out a recordable card for Grandpa.  He wanted to record a special message to Grandpa for fathers day.  
As soon as we got home the boys had to play with their toys.

Happy Fathers Day!



  1. Looks like a great time! Boy love their toys no matter how old, don't they!

  2. What a wonderful Father's Day, spending time with two fathers and all of your family! So nice! What a great gift for The Chief! I had to laugh becuase we also gave Tony a "toy" that the kids could play with Tony. Happy Fathers Day Chief! Hope you post the finished results of your completed police station.

  3. Looks like your Husband Likes Lego's as much as mine does. I cannot stand Lego's . I get A headace from all the little parts! Good Thing we have Dad's around to help :)



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