Wednesday, June 23, 2010

South Florida with Grandma and Grandpa

It's always nice to spend time with my in-laws.  The Cisco Kid loves his grandparents.  My mother in law and the Cisco Kid are like tow peas in a pod.  The Cisco Kid started his adventure with Grandma by helping a neighbor look for their dog. 
Now Grandma and The Cisco Kid are having a paper airplane race.
There was a repair needed to the plane. 
A couple of months ago my computer decided it had enough and died. My Father in law builds computers and he offered to rebuild mine. The new computer works perfectly and so much better and faster than the old one. The Chief and my Father in law spent most of our visit rebuilding the computer.  Instead of hanging around the house, my mother in law, The Cisco Kid and I decided to do a little shopping.  So shopping we went. She took me to some of the local thrift stores so perhaps I could find some treasures for my Shabby Chic Inspirations booth. My mother in law had a blast spoiling The Cisco Kid.  The two of them were on a quest to find a horse in every store so he could add them to his collection.   They found a great collection and the Cisco Kid loves them. After we went to most of the thrift stores there was one more place we wanted to go. THE MALL!!!! Again Grandmas spoiled the Cisco Kid. She gave him $2.00 to spend any way he wants. We walk in the mall and the first thing we see it a miniature train ride and it cost $2.00. There was no hesitation. The Cisco Kid wanted to spend his $2.00 on the train ride.  He was eager to sit in front so he could ring the bell. 
We had our fill of shopping and we were tired.  We all need a nap. 


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I love the bond between CK and his grandma. So sweet.

  2. I always enjoy hearing about the escapades of Grandma and TCK. They always seem to find such creative ways to have a good time. Of course, there was no other spending option if a train was available! Perfect, and so nice of Grandma to spoil him. Enjoyed seeing the fun and glad your computer is feeling better now! :)



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