Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I re-purposed a coffee table.

It is fun to re-purpose something old into something usable. My project went from this ....
To, this...
This coffee table is very out dated and has a terrible green coat of paint on it. I decided that this table would look better as a bench instead of a table.
I had some old fence posts that I cut down to the right size and used them for the back of the bench.
I laid the fence pieces down on the ground in a couple of different patterns to see how they looked. I liked the overlapping pattern the best. Once I decided what pattern I wanted, I braced them all together with wood and screws. I had some leftover pieces of wood that I used for the decorative sides. I used a jig saw to cut out the curves.

I had to cut a small amount of wood off one side of the table so the fence would sit flush against a large part of the wood. This is to give the back stability. I then screwed everything together and painted it.
 I put two coats of paint on it. 
For a finishing touch I made the cushion.  A four foot cushions usually costs about $50.00 and up. I made this cushion for 11.00. The material I used to cover the cushion is a shower curtain. I found it for 5.00. I thought the pattern would match well with the whole look. If anyone has every made pillows before, knows that stuffing is very expensive. I was not going to pay $25.00 for stuffing this cushion. I went to Big Lots and got two of their pillows for $3.00 each and used them to stuff the cushion.
I had this brass bow in my junk drawer forever. 
It finally came in handy. 

The table cost me $7.00, the cushion cost me $11.00 and I used about $2.00 in paint. So this bench cost a total of $20.00 to make.

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