Monday, August 16, 2010

Keeping up with the Cub Scouts

Cub scouts is an all year activity. Even though we had our last major activity in May we still make sure we keep the boys together during the summer. We had a great pool party at one of our committee member’s community pool. Some of the boys didn’t have their swimming belt loop. This was a great opportunity for them to fulfill the requirement to earn it. We couldn’t have a pool party without food. We had a great selection of fruit, chips, drinks, and Pizza.

We are selling some t-shirt to anyone who needs one.
It was a hot day, and fresh fruit was so refreshing. 
The boys love their belt loops.  The head cub master went through all the requirements so the boys can get their belt loops at the first Pack meeting. 
Fun with friends!
My little fish!
We are looking forward to September when we could start Cub Scouts in full swing.  The Cisco Kid is now working towards his Wolf requirements.  I am going to be the den mom again and I have many fun activities to surprise the boys with. 

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