Monday, October 18, 2010

Cub scout den meeting

This past Thursdays Den meeting is all about Healthy Eating. I did a food pyramid. I decided to discuss a two part pyramid. One part was with the food sections and healthy choices. The second part was with what the food contained. The top of the pyramid has Oils and Sugars I also put Fat. I discussed what fat does to the body and heart. The next two rows are, dairy and meet. I put calcium and protein. I discussed what part calcium plays in the body and how it strengthens your bones. The next two rows were fruits and vegetables. I put Vitamins and Minerals. I discussed how essential vitamins and minerals are to how the body functions and stays healthy. The last part is breads. I put Carbohydrates. I explained how a carbohydrate gives you energy. I also explained how fast food play a role in unhealthy eating habits and can lead to over eating.

After every Den meeting I give the kids a cookie. Since we were talking about healthy eating I wasn't going to give them a cookie. I decided to give them a brownie instead. Yes... I'm sure you are saying, what’s she thinking!!! Ha! These were not your normal brownies. These brownies were made with Spinach and Carrots. I had all the boys sit down and I handed out all the brownies and as I was looking around the room, they had devoured the brownies it two seconds flat. I then had The Cisco Kid revile what was in the brownies and they were shocked. They could not believe it.

I got the recipe from deceptively delicious cook book by Jessica Seinfield.    
This is the pureed carrots and spinach that was added to the brownie mix. It was amazing that using the vegetables you do not have to use any oils or butter. 


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