Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sea World

It has been five years since we have been to Sea World. The Cisco Kid was only two year old at the time. Today we started our day at Sea World and nine hours later I am sitting by the computer posting about it while the Chief and The Cisco Kid are swimming in the pool. We did not get a chance to see everything in the nine hours we were there. We went on two very large rollercoaster’s. This is the first time The Cisco Kid went on an adult rollercoaster because prior to today he did not meet the 54 inch height requirement. The Manta Rollercoaster was very different. It was very scary for a first time rider. It starts out with you facing down with everything lock in, including your feet. It puts you into many spins, drops, loops and to top it off a mega g-force. The Kraken rollercoaster was perfect. It brought you up very, very high, dropped you down with many twists, loops and cork screws. We went on this one twice. As for the shows we saw Believe with the killer whales & Clyde and Seamore take the pirate island. Great Shows! We ate a very late lunch at Sharks Underwater Grill. The restaurant was surrounded with floor to ceiling salt water tanks filled with sharks.

The Cisco Kid loved feeding the Seals.

They had a spooktacular Halloween party all day. They had many characters around for some great photo ops.

This is the famous part where everyone in the first few rows gets SOAKED. Yes we were in the rows that got soaked. As soon as I saw the Whales turn their backs towards us and fins come out of the water I got out of my seat and ran up the stairs. Saving myself from all that water!
Unfortunately for  The Cisco Kid and the Chief.  They stayed behind and they got soaked. 

I will post some more tomorrow. 


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  1. That last picture is great! Can't believe there is so much to do there!



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