Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cub Scout Christmas Party

This year is flying by. It seems we just started school and now the New Year is almost here. I think the busier we are the faster time goes by.

Last night we had our annual Cub Scout Christmas party. The children have so much fun playing all the games, and doing the gift exchange. The Cub Master has a great way for the gifts to be handed out. He reads a story about Christmas and in the story there are many phrases about the children going and doing things that take them to the right and left. Every time he said the word right the children would pass the gift to the right and every time he said the word left the children would pass the gift to the left. The story is a good ten minutes long and those gifts really circle the room.
There was so much wonderful food. 
  It was such a nice day to play outside.
Everyone brings a gift so it could be exchanges.

I had some Minute to win it games.
Stacking cans... They would start with one can on the bottom and working up to five cans on top. Between every layer was a paper plate. Cup stack.... see how high they can stack the cups before thy fall. Coin drop.... see if they could drop a coin in the water and make it fall into a small cup at the bottom. Breakfast puzzle...... I cut up the front of a cereal box so they could put it together like a puzzle. Balloon pop..... They had to juggle three balloons in the air and every thirty seconds I would add another balloon for them to juggle.


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  1. Your party looks like a lot of fun! I bet the kids had a blast! They sure are lucky to have you for thier den leader! :)



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