Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This might be the last year for Santa pictures

Last week we made our way to the Mall so The Cisco Kids can take his anual picture with Santa.  We have been going to the mall since day one and evey year it is the same Santa.  As were were waiting in line The Cisco Kid noticed that their were alot of little children in line and not to many kids his age.  He said to me that next year he doesn't want to take his picture with santa any more.  I was sure hopeing I could get away with it until he was at least ten years old.  Hopefully he will not remember what he said next year. 


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  1. Now I'm sad!!! What a bummer, although still very adorable photo nonetheless! Ha! Ha! Yes, we had Santa come to our Scout party, and many of the kids made comments to the negative...Grant wanted to still sit on his lap and talk but he said "Santa" must have been one of Santa's helpers because he didn't look like the"real" Santa!" :( They are growing up too fast!



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