Saturday, February 19, 2011

A day at the Musium

Some of my favorite subjects are fashion and cooking and the museum of American history had some of the best representations. Let’s start with fashion. What better way to see some of the greatest fashion statements than on the first ladies them self’s.

 This is Michelle Obama's inaugural ball gown.  It is stunning.
 The jewels she wore.
The dresses of Hillary Clinton & Laura Bush are absolutely beautiful.
They did not have all the first ladies dresses in the museum but they had sketches of them. 
 My next favorite subject is cooking and who best to see is the iconic Julia Chiles.  Here is her Kitchen.
My guys were so patient waiting for me to get done with this section. 
The transportation section.  
The car companies that were in business.  
The Washington Monument.  We went up in an elevator 550 feet.
The city 550 feet up. 


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  1. WOW!! What an awesome post!! I would never get out of the part of the museum where the presidential wives displayed their dresses. Oh my goodness!!! Beautiful and so very interesting. Julia Child's kitchen was so cool too!! I can imagine how long you would have wanted to hang out in there!! So fun!! G was the Washington Monument for his Living Museum in First Grade....he will love seeing these pictures and will want TCK to tell him what it was like to be up in it!!! Thanks for the post! So GREAT!!!



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