Friday, April 8, 2011

A fun craft with the Cub Scouts

Finding things to do with my second grade Cub Scout Den is hard because they still love to do crafts but they are no longer interested in the simple crafts. They are at the age where they want to experiment with building and seeing how things work. I was racking my brain last week on what would be great for them to make and wouldn't break the bank. I searched the web for Kaleidoscopes and found so many different was to make them. I took bits and pieces from several videos and put them to use on what I thought would be a great Kaleidoscope.  
Materials needed for one kaleidoscope:

1 inch PVC pipe. 6 inches long
1 piece of silver cardboard paper. 3 inches by 6 inches
1 piece of black construction paper. This will make 11-2 inch circles out of this one sheet.
Colored pieces of beads, confetti, pearls, etc. Amount depends on how many kaleidoscopes you make.
Small smoky cups. 2 cups needed for each kaleidoscope.
Hole punch
Crease tool

1, I started with a 1 inch PVC pipe, cut into six inch length.

2, Cut the 2 inch circle out of the black construction paper and punch a hole in the center large enough to see though.

3, Take the 3 inch by 6 inch silver paper and crease it lengthwise with the creasing tool. Crease it twice spacing of 1 inch. Once you have it creased fold it with the silver side on the inside and put it in the PVC pipe.

4, Tape the black circle to one end of the PVC piece.

5, Take one cup and trace the PVC pipe on the bottom and cut the circle out of the cup.

6, Take the other cup and full it half way with your colored pieces.

7, Using a hot glue gun, glue the PVC pipe to the cup with the hole.

8, Hot glue the cup with the colored pieces to the cup with the hole.

 Your kaleidoscope is ready for a special viewing.
This fulfilled all the boy's creativity and building needs. They loved all the different colors they were able to make with their Kaleidoscopes. The total cost to make eleven kaleidoscopes was fifteen dollars.


  1. What a great idea and so very creative!! You can't beat the cost. I LOVE the photo of the inside with the beads...I am amazed that shot would work! TCK is so lucky to have you for a mom and all of the boys are lucky you are their den leader!! You do a fabulous job!!



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