Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter and what it brings.

The Cisco Kid had his day full. He woke up to a large Easter basket full of toys and candy. He immediately started digging into the candy. He spent hours looking through his basket for all the little cheesy Easter toys. Then he came to the big egg. We told him that egg was not from the Easter Bunny but it was from us. He opened the egg and he started to scream and jump around giving us multiple hugs each. He got an iPod Touch. Now he can listen to his music, watch movies, play games, take pictures, take movies and download apps. One of the apps he loves to check in on is the weather app. He woke up this morning and opened up his  iPod and checked what the weather will be for the day. Next he is going to be just like his dad and check the news every morning.

Later that morning we had our friends come over and have a Easter Egg hunt then we ate dinner.  After dinner the kids went in the pool. 
All our friends arrived and the kids are having fun. 

The dessert table.  Since the Chief has to watch his sugar I made sure there were some guilty pleasures for him.  Sugar free cup cakes with sugar free icing and sugar free bread pudding.   

The Menu
Main Course
Roast Beef and brown gravy
Scalloped potatoes
Creamed Spinach
Glazed carrots
Fresh veggie tray
My Easter bread
Sandy’s Deviled eggs
Kimberly’s baked beans
Easter Bunny cake
Cheese cake with blueberry & strawberry toppings
bread pudding
Easter cookies

It was a wonderful Easter spending it with friends. We enjoyed the company and conversations.
Thank you so much to Kimberly and Tony and Sandy and Dick for bringing The Cisco Kid a special gift bag filled with Easter goodies. Also thank you for the wonderful beans and eggs. Loved them!
I can't forget about all the wonderful pictures you both took. 
Thank you.


  1. It was such a wonderful day, and Marianne, you did such an amazing job with your meal, desserts, and all of the Easter fun! Your bread pudding and vanilla sauce were sinfully delicious. I will be anxiously awaiting a post on your secret recipe, hoping you let the cat out of the bag! Our family enjoyed being with you all so much!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love all of the pics, especially the ones of TCK with his basket of goodies...very cute! :)

  2. Not trying to be pushy, but I also want your scalloped potato recipe!! YUM! YUM!! :)

  3. It was a day filled with yummy treats, good company and happy times. In true Marianne fashion, you made an abundance of food and had it all displayed so beautifully making sure it was an extra special day for all of your guests. Now about that bread pudding and vanilla sauce....I really NEED that sugarless recipe! Was it REALLY sugarless? All I know was it was beyond delicious -- it was incredible! Thanks to you and your family for treating us to a lovely Easter day.



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