Saturday, September 17, 2011

Crazy Crazy Week!!!

Now that school has started and we are in full swing with all of the Cisco Kids activities, we are busier than ever. I look forward to the weekends just so I have some time not to think about an activity or homework. The homework situation is ridicules. The after school activities are just as ridicules but The Cisco Kid loves them all. My big concern with the heavy load of homework and all the activities is him being able to keep up with his grades. He definitely is in shell shock with the pace of the class and the homework load. Last year he was on easy street. Homework was done in ten minutes. The class atmosphere was light. No disciplinary action was in place. They were able to pretty much do what they wanted as long as there work was done. Now we have the Dragon Lady. We went to open house Thursday and the teacher introduced herself as the Dragon Lady. She started off her introduction......Yes! Everything you hear about me is true! I am the Dragon Lady! I do not put up with anything. I expect them to come to class prepared and ready to work. She said her background is teaching 4th and 5th grade gifted classes and I am going to be extra hard on them because I know what they need in fourth and fifth grade to succeed. At that moment I realized this is going to be the ride of our lives and we better hold on tight.

The Cisco Kid is definitely in shell shock. The past week he still thinks he is in second grade with Mr. M and he can get away with completing his work quickly and then doing whatever he wants. Not with The Dragon Lady. If a student finishes their work quickly they must sit and look over the paper again and then take a book are read quietly. When the whole class is done they will self correct their paper and re-do the work.

I want to give you a glimpse into the weekly homework. Let me remind you that he is eight years old and only in 3rd grade. Every Monday he comes home with a Language Arts packet. Yes, I did say packet, not paper. The packet consists of twelve pages of work. That has to be completed by Wednesday. He also comes home with a Spelling Contract. This has six pages of work, with two extra credit work sheets for a total of eight pages. New spelling words and new vocabulary words must be memorized. This is due on Friday. On top of all that he get a math sheet every day and that is due the next day. Now if you are thinking WOW!!! Wait, the teacher said at the open house they will be getting much more homework in the next couple of week. Now I'm worried!!!! All of the Cisco Kids Activities are in question. I hope time will be on our side. Monday he has Guitar lessons. Tuesday he has Karate. Wednesday he has Church. Thursday he has Cub Scouts and Friday he has Karate again. We spoke to the Cisco Kid about all the homework verses activities and we let him know that we will drop activities if he does not do well in school. He got very upset thinking he might have to give something up. We'll see!!!

Open House and a map that the Cisco Kid did.


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  1. The Dragon Lady sounds like quite the teacher...I am not sure if that is good or bad!???? Ha! Ha! Your list of activities is starting to sound like our list...the only difference is we have two kids, so be careful!! Ha! It will make you CRAZY!! I think I am already there! GREAT map TCK made!! Very cool project!



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