Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fun after a hard week!

When visiting Disney, depending on the time of year it could be relaxing with short lines and very enjoyable. Or, it could be not so enjoyable with very long lines and feeling like you didn't get to see much at all. Last week was a hard week with all the activities and homework we had. I thought we all needed a break and we decided to take the weekend and go to Disney. We have never been to Disney in September before and we didn't know what to expect in terms of crowds. I have to say, it was perfect. We went to Hollywood Studios and there was hardly anyone in the park. In my 40 years of going to Disney, I have never seen it that empty. The economy and school starting must be a big part of the park's attendance.  Needless to say we had a great time seeing the park.  The weather was great and there were no wait lines.

The first ride we had to go on was the rock'n roll rollercoaster.  We like it so much that we rode on it twice.
The Toy Story Army Man 
The entrance to Honey I shrunk the kids play ground. This is a pretty wild place. Everything is so large. The blades of grass are thirty feet tall and the ants are as big as a small car. I don't understand why this Tonka Truck is so small.
There are two favorite shows we like. This one is the Car stunt show. The cars and motorcycles do some amazing stunts. Here a motorcycle slid through the fire and the guy caught on fire. The other show is Indiana Jones stunt show.  
This is a new part of the show.  Lightning Mc Queen and the secret weapon car from Lightning Mc Queen 2. 
  The next day we went to Blizzard Beach Water Park. Again the park was empty. No wait lines and the weather was great. We went to this water park about three years ago and I thought it was to dangerous for a young child. They have some child friendly rides but the majority of them are very high and fast water slops. We spent most of our time on the obstacle course, lazy river and a couple of tube rides. This really kept us occupied for most of the day.
We could spend all day in the Lazy River.  
The Cisco Kid loved the challenge of catching the floating Ice burgs across the water.

It's a good thing The Cisco Kid got a chance to do this because they have a size cut off and within the next year of so he will be to big to go on it. 
The guys are heading to the summit. 
Heading up to the top! There are two different kinds of rides up there.  The one in this picture is a fee falling slop at 55 mph.  As daring as I am, I won't even go on that. The other ride is a nice easy ride on a large family sized tube.   
Bird’s eye view of kid friendly obstacle course.  
Blizzard beach gives you that icy cold atmosphere in sunny Florida.
At around three o'clock, sunny Florida turned into stormy Florida, as it often does.  When the parks weather watchers see a storm front coming in, they get everyone out of the water and close the park until the storm blows over.  At that point we said we had enough and come home.  


  1. What a great little get-away! I enjoyed this post and the photos.

  2. Ahhhhh! I love Disney pictures and Disney fun! So glad you guys went and had some time to relax and enjoy yourselves after a hectic week from school and work. The lazy river looks so refreshing and fun. Really enjoyed these pictures! Thanks for posting! Sorry I haven't been keeping up...my life is so crazy busy, I need to go to Disney!!!



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