Monday, October 3, 2011

Our first camping trip this year

Over the weekend we went to Gold Head National Park for a camping trip with the Cub Scouts. I have to say this was one of the best camping trips we have ever had. The boys got along so well and it was so funny watching them bond their friendships. In the past years I have had twenty to twenty-three scouts in my Den. This year I have twelve and it is pure heaven. I am able to get the boys much more award and we are only two weeks into the scouting year. Only three boys were able to go camping over the weekend. We racked up many belt loops / pins and badges. The Cisco Kid earned the golfing belt loop, fishing belt loop, volleyball pin, hiking pin, kickball pin, the Leave no Trace Badge and The Cub Scout Activity Award badge. In the Den meetings they all earned the Good Manners Belt loop.

The Cub Scout Activity Award badge
 The leave no Trace Badge
The good and memorable times.
The Cisco Kid thought this was the best.  He loves ridding in the bed of the truck.
We were going to do all our sport activities and it was about two miles away.  Since we were going to do a hiking trip that afternoon, we could not emagine walking there.     
Tug of War is the Cisco Kids favorite game.
The parents cannot be left out of the Tug of War. It seems that this is a favorite for them as well.
The chief is at the end anchoring it all down..
We went to this spot to go fishing.  We did a small amount of it but when nothing was biting The Cisco Kid found fun in making a big muddy hole filled with water. 
There is nothing that this boy likes more than to have mud and water to play in. 
 On our hike this large tree had fallen over the streem and of couse the boys saw an adventure in crosing over it.
What is it with climbing trees?????
Every night we start a fire and have Smore's. At that point i was dreaming of looking at the inside of my eyelids. 

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  1. I love these really captured the essence of camping and scouting! TCK looks like he had so much fun! Congratulations on all of his earned awards! He has been working hard!



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