Monday, December 26, 2011

Two days of Christmas

Christmas Eve!
  My father in law has a tradition every year he sends us a honey baked ham.  That is our Christmas Eve dinner. 
I have started a Christmas Eve tradition a few years ago. We fill up our stockings with gifts and Christmas Eve we open them. This gives us the opportunity for the family to exchange gifts with each other. Christmas morning is all about the gifts that Santa brings. Since Christmas Morning there are some significant gifts for The Cisco Kid we give him little play toys and candy in his stocking.
We got the Cisco Kid into bed at 8:00 p.m. because we had so much wrapping to get done.  We started around 9:30 and we did not finish until 12:30 a.m.
It took the Chief and me three hours to wrap the gifts for The Cisco Kid and a little over an hour for him to open them. All The Cisco Kid asked for this year was an electric guitar and a skateboard. When he got up he searched for the boxes that looked like the guitar and amp. He went right to the guitar and them he went on the hunt for the amp. He spotted a very large box and thought it was the amp. It was his gaming chair instead. The search went on. The amp turned out to be his next pick. That was one happy boy.

After we opened all the gifts, we ate breakfast. I made my traditional Egg Soufflé. I prepared it the day before so all I have to do is put it in the oven and bake it for an hour.

Egg Soufflé link

After a long fun day of playing with all The Cisco Kids new toys we were ready to just relax. In my comatose state I vaguely remember saying goodnight to everyone around 8:00p.m.
This year we had turkey for our Christmas Dinner.   

These Christmas Holiday pewter plates weigh a tone. I have been collecting pewter for about 25 years. I got these plates about fourteen years ago and they came all the way from Mexico.
A girl that worked for me in California went to Mexico regularly to visit her family and one time I asked her if she could bring me back some Pewter plates. I know here in the states pewter plates go for about $40.00 each. I also knew that in Mexico they were much more inexpensive. I gave her $100.00 and asked her to bring back whatever $100.00 would buy. She brought back twelve of these wonderful Christmas Poinsettia plates. I was in shock. Even though I could only use them for Christmas, they are one of my prize pieces.



  1. Looks like a wonderful Christmas filled with lots of love and cool gifts! The ham dinner looks delicious! :)

  2. P. S. not sure why it says "Tony"...must be signed in as different email, but this is Kimberly. Also wanted to mention your pretty silver holiday plates! So very lovely and fancy!



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