Friday, January 20, 2012

Cub Scout Achievements

We have only a few Achievements left to complete before the boys could receive their Bear advancement badge in February.

Last night’s Achievement was Build a Model. We have to do two requirements out of the list of five. We chose to make a model of a car and build a model from a kit. The car is our Pinewood Derby car. Last night we built a model from a Dinosaur kit. The boys were so happy with seeing their project come to life. As I look back on the pictures I took, I saw how every parent was involved in helping their Scout put the model together. I know for most life is very busy and we run our children from one sports to the next. Then when you throw working parents into the mix, sometimes there is little time for one on one interaction. I do steal moments in between all our activities and homework only because The Cisco Kid loves crafts so much. We could sit and create things all day long.

Over the next three weeks we have to complete the Achievements, Tying it up, Saving Well and Spending Well and Weather.   


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  1. Those are cool kits! Love the dinosaur model...where did you find those?? TCK did a GREAT job! Your den always has the coolest projects! Thanks for sharing! :)



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