Saturday, January 21, 2012


We are having our Blue & Gold Celebration in February. This is a big graduation party where the boys receive their next rank badge. Every year we have a theme. Last year it was all about camping. This year I thought it would be great to have a Robot theme and have every Den build a robot to show at the Blue & Gold Banquet. Not only are they going to show their creation but everyone is going to take a vote for their favorite robot. The winning Den will receive an Ice Cream Party. The trick about the Ice cream party is that all the losing Dens will have to provide the winning Den with all the items they request. That could be dangerous!!!

Since the majority of the dens are run by Men, I came up with some rules so they would not get out of control. Guys would not only make this electronic but they would spare no expense to make it amazing. It's a Guy thing. The rules were..... it had to be made up of items donated from our scout families. Nothing could be purchased. We had to make it out of leftovers, unused household items & recyclable materials. It had to stand on its own, it could not exceed four feet tall, wide or long and it could not be run by electric or battery.

My Scouts and Scout parents got together today and started building the robot. They all brought in some amazing items from home. You would be surprised what is hanging around your house when you really look. We set a time frame of 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and hoped we would get it done. The boys chose the style robot. They were very adamant about the propellers. They spent about a half hour with me going over the robot and how we were going to put it together. Then we broke up into teams and started building it. All the moms and dads were doing different parts of the robot. A half hour after that we lost the boys to basketball, playing on the trampoline, shooting water at each other, etc. Shortly after that we lost the Dads.

We stopped for lunch and thought we would get together another week to complete it but we were all busy. We made the decision to complete it today. Seven hours later we came up with this outstanding robot.

The head and hands are made out of milk jugs (the red eyes are lazar eye's that were made out of a red gift bag). The legs, body and arms are made out of boxes. The cannons are made out of cardboard tubes (the red in the cannon is a gift bag cut to the size need). Knee pad and Knee cannon is made out of plastic caps at the end of tubes. The feet are made up of cardboard tubes cut in half. The chest plate is painted styrofoam. The propellers are PVC pipe and cardboard. We have Cable wires that we cut to make it look very mechanical. Of course every great warrior has minions. We added minions to the robot as well. Everyone pulled together and made this outrageous robot that surely must win.


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