Sunday, February 12, 2012

Legoland is amazing!!!

If you are into Lego's this is the place for you to visit. The Chief and The Cisco Kid have been crazy into Lego's for a couple of years now. They are really cool because they are so intricate and gives you the satisfaction of building this great piece of mechanical toy. I like them but certainly not as much as my boys......until Legoland. Life size Lego structures. This place is totally amazing. Everything is Lego, Lego boats, cars, truck, building, animals, people and buildings. They have an area designated to Leg City, Complete with New York, San Francisco California, Washington DC and The City of St Augustine with the Fort. These were not just buildings but they were full blown dioramas, complete with roads, people and Vehicles that run on the roads.
Get ready there is going to be a crazy amount of pictures. The pictures do not do these Lego cities an justice.   They are made of thousands of tinny Lego parts.
Some Lego characters around the park.
The Cisco Kid and I love Rollercoaster’s. This was his first wooden one. I don't like them. They have a very rough ride. This was for beginners. We are use to very fast speeds and falling several stories. 
Boating School 
Driving School! This was very cool. The Kids all had to take a driving test in this miniature city. The Lego cars had a gas and brake pedal. The driving test was a scaled down city complete with street signs, stop lights, construction workers and food vendors. The object was to abide by all the rules of the road as in real life.  At the end of the test The Cisco Kid got his Ford, Lego Drivers License, complete with his picture on it. 
This Ford Explorer was the craziest thing in the park. It looked amazingly real but it was made entirely out of those tiny Lego pieces.

This use to be Cypress Gardens and it was nice to know that they saved a small part of what cypress Garden was known for.  Their Aquatic acrobatic show!  When I was a small girl there were many water skiers doing some amazing tricks on the water.  Now they have Lego’s doing some tricks.   The show is about a Pirate takeover and the logos have to come to the rescue.   
Lego Imagination
My Crazy son's imagination totally got away from him.  He had the rabbit using this saw on him.  GORY!!!!
Big Park!  It took us all day to go through it.  We lucked out because there were no crouds and no lines.  
Every so often you look at the grounds and you would see Lego animals just sitting around.
Lego City!!!!  I was speechless….. The scale and detail of these dioramas were amazing.   Something you would have to see to totally appreciate.   I could have stayed in this area all day analyzing every detailed section.     
Washington DC.... White House complete with the Obama family.  
New York 
San Francisco California 

St Augustine ranked in the Lego City world.  St Augustine Fort.  

A perfect Lego experience.

Since Legoland closes at 5:00 p.m. we went to Arabian Knights for a Show and dinner.  But that will be another post on Tuesday. 


  1. Loved these photos of Lego Land. What a fun family day!

  2. WOW!! Your pictures are fabulous!!! Now I want to go there too!!! LOVE the White House part and all of the cities. So amazing!!! Can't believe that Darth Vader is Legos. This looks like a great new park to explore and I am so glad you guys had a blast there! Thanks for sharing the pics because it is even better than looking at the actual Lego site. I think we will have to make a trip there!



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