Thursday, February 16, 2012


What a day Tuesday was. First I spent most of the day at School in The Cisco Kids class helping with the Valentine’s Day party and crafts. They had so many cookies, candy and cake to eat it was amazing the kids did not go into a sugar coma. They decorated their Valentines bag and made a Valentines picture letter. Very Cute Stuff!

Yesterday evening after the Cisco Kids Guitar lessons we went out to grab a quick Valentines dinner. When we got home we had exchanges some valentine’s gifts. For The Cisco Kid he got some small fun novelty gifts. The Chief got some Tech Magazine and Sugar Free Cookies. The Chief and The Cisco Kid went overboard with it all. I have to start out by doing some small justification for crazy amount of gifts they got me. Not only are the Chief and I celebrating Valentine’s Day but we are celebrating our fifteenth wedding anniversary. WOW!!! Time Fly’s!! They got me a HUGE amount of Cake decorating items. I will have so much fun experimenting with all the items.
The Cisco Kid loves his goofy glasses. He hardly ever smiles for the camera but when he put these glasses on it transformed him into a silly kid for the camera. 

His little valentives goodies.
My little goodies!  With all this cake decorating equipment i might be able to make some really pretty cakes.  

  I have been looking at everything for hours.   

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  1. Didn't know TCK needed new glasses...they look great on him! Ha! Ha! : )



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