Monday, February 6, 2012

Official Birthday Celebration 2 of 3

Sunday afternoon we had some dear friends visit us for The Cisco Kids birthday. Their visit made his birthday very special. One of the wish items on the Cisco Kids list where Legos. We did not get him any Legos but our friends did and that just made his day. The little rascales made The Cisco Kid some really great cards and The Cisco Kid spent a long time looking and analyzing the cards. He really liked them. I have never seen him look at a card so long knowing there were some gifts to open. Thanks so much Mr. G and Ms. A for the great art work and special note on the cards and gifts. The pictures are worth a thousand words.

 Thanks Mrs. K for taking some great pictures.


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  1. Love this post!! It was great getting to celebrate with TCK! He was so good about sharing his new birthday presents with his friends. I didn't realize he got those Nerf toys for his birthday!! Anyway, glad he liked his cards and Legos! That made my kids really happy. Perfect! Thanks for including us! It was so fun!



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