Friday, July 20, 2012

Kitz Art Camp

For the past week The Cisco Kid and his friend have been going to Kidz Art. The Theme was Circus. Every day they used different techniques to their illustrations. The used Markers, Colored Pencil's, Oil pastels, watercolor Crayons & chalk pastels. They also worked with clay.  So this week was packed full with techniques and paintings. Today was the last day and all the students put on an Art Show.  The room was set up like an art gallery for all to see. 

The Clay Clown is The Cisco Kids favorite art piece. 

Games and Popcorn - He used markers.
Clown Collage - He learned how to outline and embellish the clown with all kinds of colorful things.   
Circus Elephant- He learned how to use the tecnique "batik" Batik is an ancient way of dying fabric using melted wax.  Wax is applied to the fabric in various designs and is then dyed.  The wax is then removed, leaving a beautiful design.  They used waxy crayons as the resist in this drawing and brushed a watercolor wash over the drawing to demonstrate how wax reacts with paint.   
Circus Jester- He learned how to Stroke color with markers.  
Seal with a ball- he learned how to blend chalk pastels. 
Lyon- This is done with water crayons. 
Carnival Days- They used colored pencil's  
Lion Tamer- he used Oil Pastels.
The Art Teacher 
Having fun with the markers.


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  1. Love TCK's art work!! He is so creative! So glad the kids could have fun at this camp together!



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