Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scuba diving with the Cub Scouts.

Since I am the Den mom of the Cub Scouts I try to give them adventures they will never forget. This summer we are working on our Aquanaut requirement.

The Boys learned three different ways to rescue someone from the water.

The first way was.... swimming to the distressed person with a flotation device. Making sure they grab on to it correctly and bringing them to safety.

The second way was..... laying on land belly down and reaching for the distressed person with a branch, walking stick or rowing oar. Then pulling the distressed person close to land.

The Third way was.......two boys sit in a row boat and row out to the distressed person. The scout sitting in front grabs the distressed person and hangs on to them as the scout in back rows back to land.

They also learned how to do some swimming strokes.

The adventure they will never forget was being able to suit up in diving gear and go scuba diving in the pool. 
A boys favorite adventure at any age is zip lining.  
The mom's also enjoyed the zip line.  


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  1. You will not catch me on that zip line!! Those Mom's are BRAVE!!! Bravo to The Chief for making such a sturdy piece of equipment...but again, you will NOT catch me it!! I will not!!! :) Ha! Ha! P.S...I think the zip line is fine with statement. Ha! Ha!



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