Monday, June 22, 2009

A wonderful weekend with the Grandparents.

The Cisco Kid loves his Grandma.
Grandma and The Cisco Kid made some tasty treats. Mini brownies with Chocolate Ice cream hard shell chocolate covering, then topped with whipped cream.

This rolling pin cracked me up. It is plastic and one end is rounded for crushing and the other end has a cap so you could fill it with water to weigh it down for a heavier roller.

Grandma and The Cisco Kid are going to make chocolate covered refrigerated crunch banana's.

The cisco kid is writing down all the ingrediants.
Crush the Honey nut Cheerios.

Peal the Bananas

They were going on sticks but the bananas were so curved that the sticks were breaking the bananas.

Roll the bananas in any flavor yogurt. We used strawberry.

After rolling the banana in yogurt, put them in with crushed cheerios one at a time and shake lightly to cover the whole banana.
The bananas were so big they were braking in half when we were covering them with the Cheerios. So we just broke them all in half. It worked out very well.
Then take some chocolate hard shell Ice cream topping and cover the bananas.

Grandma took some cherries and cut them in half so they could be used as eyes. She used Cheerios as a nose and mouth.

Refrigerate for one hour.

So Cute!!! They were so good. We all went bananas for these bananas.

Grandpa and The Cisco Kid were toasting for the first time with glass beer bottles, root beer that is.

The Cisco Kid loves puzzles.

Nothing like a good game of Golf. This was a great Put Put Golf Course at Jungle Golf

We totally enjoyed our visit with Grandma and Grandpa. The Cisco Kid was overwhelmed with excitement. Grandma had many activities planed for her grandson.



  1. Isn't going to Grandma and Grandpa's house always so much fun? Those days were always some of my best memories! Looks like Connor made some good memories too. I think the banana treats look delicious and fun to make! We will have to put that on our list of things from your blog to try! Yummy!

  2. out for that gorilla!!

  3. I can see a lot of love in these photos! Visits like these are good for EVERYONE's heart -- Grandparents, parents and child. CK looks like he loved every minute of this visit. Time well spent. Emme



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