Friday, July 31, 2009

My men are going camping. I miss them already

All packed and ready to go. Dad packed all kinds of nutritious snacks. Potato chips, cookies, M&M's and soda. UG!!!

Camping out away from home is always an adventure.
Even though it's in the Cottage, 300 feet away from the house.
My last picture before I go back to the house.

Have a great weekend.



  1. How fun! A nice guys getaway enjoy the time to yourself mom! We are going to try to head out for a campout tomorrow night, the weather has been beautiful here, we need to take advantage!

  2. Looks like fun...cottage 300 ft away now that is my kind of cottage...your sight is really cute...thanks for visiting mine :) Im now a follower!!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I love when dad's get to hang out with their boys and actually want to take the time to do it. It looks like camping was fun!



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