Sunday, July 26, 2009

Blizzard Beach

I am not a happy camper!!!!! I deleted all my pictures from Blizzard Beach except for one by accident. I am devastated. I love my pictures.
I will have to tell you all about it without pictures. This was a great water park. There are lots of slides, ranging in size from XS to XL. We spent most of our time on the medium slides and the lazy river. The choices are tube, toboggan or a family tube. The lines moved rather fast. not much of a wait. But, there are alot of stairs to climb, there are at least ten flights of stairs for each time you want to go down a slide. We walked up ten flights six times or I should say, I walked up six times. The Cisco Kid and the Chief took the Ski Lift one of those times. I had a great picture of that. "DARN". It started to thunder and lightning so they closed down the park. We were there for three hours at that point. We decided to go back to the hotel and get some R&R before we headed to Hollywood Studios tonight.

My one picture of the Cisco Kid and the Chief on the Lazy River.

Hollywood Studios here we come.



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  2. What a bummer about your pictures!!! I get so mad when that happens! I am sure you had many good photos too because you are is a great park. Love the photo you did still have saved! Have fun at HS!!! :)

  3. Rats! I was really looking forward to seeing your pixs from Blizzard Beach. I'm so sorry that happened. Being a real picture person myself, I totally understand how upsetting that can be. It even has me frustrated. Sounds like you got A LOT of exercise with all those stairs.



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