Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What keeps us ticking

Today is "What would your children say?" Let's hear about the silly, funny, scary, hilarious, etc. things you children say and do. I have always known that children are very observant and pick things up quickly.
The Cisco kid wanted me to go in his room and play a game with him. I told him to let me get a cup of coffee first and I’ll be right in. He asked why I need my coffee. I told him that it wakes me up and gives me energy. Quicker than you can think about it, he said, Milk and Chocolate milk wakes me up and gives me energy. Red bull wakes daddy up and gives daddy energy.
That cracked me up. He knows what we drink. Thank goodness I only drink coffee and the Chief drinks Red Bull.
Cheers to health and happiness.



  1. Shows just how much they pay attention!!!

    Mine would be diet coke :)

  2. This does not surprise me one bit!! TCK is very detail oriented, so he probably notices even more than just what you drink. Love the photo!

  3. Cute! Now that I am done blogging about our vacation I joined in your linky party this week. Thanks for the invite!




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