Thursday, August 27, 2009

The first child fears

Being first born is rough. They are the ones who pave the path for the younger siblings. They are the ones that test the waters one toe at a time. When it comes to the second or even third child the waters have been tested and now parents feel more comfortable to let the younger siblings just jump right in. I know this because I was the oldest of three and I watched over the years how I paved the path for my younger brother and sister.

Now that I am a mom and I have one child, I understand how moms have the first born fears. I have one shot and only one shot at making his life as perfect as I could. He is unknowingly going to experience the full force of all my fears. I am an overprotective mother that analyzes his surroundings, skeptical of everything, trust only the trustworthy, not afraid to immediately ask questions concerning him and I worry about him when he is not with me. There is nothing more precious to us in this world than our little boy.

This brings me to say last year the Cisco kid had a few of his friends take the school bus to and from school. He begged me to let him ride it. He would always ask when he could ride it. My standard answer has been.... When you're twelve!! I thought my Kindergartner was just too young to ride the school bus. Now that he is in first grade and he thinks he is all grown up, his passion for riding the bus is even greater. I think there is a certain level of responsibility a child should have that follows riding the bus. To ride the bus or not to ride the bus that is our fear of the week. I will keep you posted on our final decision..

Thank you everyone for participating in "What would your children say?" Wednesday, is a real good laugh for mid week.

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  1. I think if you are able to take him...take him. I really enjoy taking my son to school. He is responsible for 6 going on 7 but I will do it as long as he lets me. There's my 2 cents!:)

  2. I gotta say, school bus rides aren't what they where when I was young.....hmmmm I think I would take him, I have 7 and still wouldn't let them ride the bus at his age, call me over protective I don't care ;o)

  3. I remember when I was little really wanting to ride the bus. Maybe you can let him ride and do what my mom did just fallow it to school with out him knowing. So you will feel better. Good Luck. Its so hard to watch them grow sometimes.

  4. It's hard to know when to let know when I think it's time---NEVER!! Ha! Ha! That's how I am with everything, but there's two ways to look at this dilemma: 1) Most kids on a day to day basis, go to school on the bus, get dropped off, get back on the bus, and arrive home with no problem. Chances are, everything will be fine and HE will be fine. 2) (and this is where my brain remains) there is no supervision on a bus...the driver is DRIVING. Any kid can say something or do something to your kid and vice versa because essentially the driver is several seats away looking forward. When there IS a problem, the driver looks back in the rear-view mirror at the thirty kids he's driving instead of looking at the road. Add to that the fact that there are incidents of children getting accidentally dropped off at the wrong stop, late pick-ups, late drop offs...just adds to my worry and constant concern. I would rather be in charge of those issues and be aware as much as possible (for now) who my child is being exposed to and what they are doing. As you know, my oldest STILL asks to ride the bus...I am not here to give her her every wish, I am here to protect her and watch over her until she is old enough to do so on her own, which to me is not first grade (nor fifth--Ha! Ha! or maybe not twelth :)) You knew what I would say, but I am just one Mom, not you! Good luck with your decision. Chances are, no matter what you decide, it will all be fine! Sorry for the frankness.

  5. Great little ones aren't old enough for bus rides yet...but Im not looking forward to it at all..first we need to decide if they are going to school or are going to be homeschooled.. :) One step at a time!! Good luck with your decision!!

  6. I also was the "only" child for years...until 11yrs later my brother was born...and 9 yrs after him, our sister was born! so it was like 3 separate little families, but yes, as the "first-born" there seemed to be more restrictions, etc...

    And with our own 3, we've heard it from the older 2 that their brother had a lot more "freedom" than they did at his age. You are is partly do to what we've learned with the previous child... that in some areas, we were more "relaxed". But, I feel with all 3, we have been consistent in the basics & actually, there have been some areas that due to the first child, we've learned what worked best (& that didnt always mean the last one had it "easier").

    Ultimately, Mom & Dad have the responsibility to make decisions about their children :o) So...follow your heart, your feelings, your instinct.

    Blessings & Aloha!

  7. OH, what's up with boys and wanting to ride the bus? My boys (also 1st graders) ask me every day if they can ride the bus. Luckily we live right across the street from the school so riding the bus is not really an option. They did get to ride the bus for a field trip last year but my husband went with them.



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