Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's Wednesday!!! What would your children say?

Wednesday is the day where we could tell the world what outrageous and downright embarrassing things our children say and do. It’s “What would your children say?” Wednesday

A couple of years ago, this is what happened.

I was out in the garage taking pictures of some Antiques I just picked up from a garage sale, when I hear this little voice say. Momma I have to go potty. I replied, go ahead baby!! Thinking he would go inside. I turn around to see why he didn't go inside and this is what I saw. I let out a YELP!!!! He starts cracking up. My little boy just dropped his pants in front of the house, in front of all the neighbors and everyone else. Thank you my dear sweet husband for teaching our son to potty where ever.



  1. Oh, I love bathroom stories! I'm on time this week! Yay!

  2. I get so embarrased when Mason does stuff like that but your post and picture are too funny! He evev has those same frog shorts.

    Have a great Wednesday!




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